Tyron Runflat official representative BTR with new 20 inches wheel on the test road BTR-80 with Runflat in the new 20 inches wheels BTR-80 with new 20 inches wheel and Tyron Runflat

Quality policy and strategy of Ground Vehicle Systems Ltd is an integral part of the Company's overall policy and strategy and occupies a central position in it.

The quality policy and strategy are based on the deliberate view that the Company meets the needs of its customers with all its production and service activities, primarily in the defence and law enforcement, but also in more civilian areas. With its potential for quality performance, quality is a key aspect in its cooperation and partnership with customers.

Every effort is made to ensure that this principle is properly applied in all partnerships, regardless of whether the Company acts as a supplier or a customer.

Ground Vehicle Systems Ltd. operates and continuously develops its quality management system according to the requirements of MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and the AQAP 2110: 2015 NATO normative document and by doing that complies with the domestic and international, military and civil requirement standards.

Keeping high quality of work is a strategic principle. The level of implementation of quality standards is one of the most important indicators of the Company's performance, the key factor when evaluating company’s achievements in the competitive market environment. Accordingly, quality management is fundamental for the entire Company. Every organization unit and each employee of the company, according to their scope of responsibilities have a determinate role of implementing and maintaining quality standards of Ground Vehicle Systems. Keeping high quality standards are our priority requirements in every organizational units including support functions which are not directly involved in manufacturing and service. 

Products and services delivered by the Company must correspond to the quality requirements, which shall be squarely stated in the agreement and documentation settled down with the Customer.

The Company undertakes to comply with the quality commitments to establish, maintain, consolidate and expand its market position, as well as strengthen its reputation and prevent any disadvantages resulted by underperforming of quality  requirements.

At our company, quality awareness is developed in the spirit that ensuring higher quality contributes to cost saving not only for the Customer, but also for Ground Vehicle Systems Kft.


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