Tyron Runflat official representative BTR with new 20 inches wheel on the test road BTR-80 with Runflat in the new 20 inches wheels BTR-80 with new 20 inches wheel and Tyron Runflat




Ground Vehicle Systems Ltd is a company with several years experience especially in engineering design, custom and small series production.   Members of the company have all the certificates and chambers rights to design vehicles, special purpose vehicles and special systems as well as develop manufacturing technology to produce those.


The activity of the company covers the followings:

  •            design and re-design of vehicles and/or vehicle systems
  •            special purpose platforms in various construction
  •            development of protection construction
  •            interchangeable components  for special purpose vehicles
  •            provide custom engineering solutions
  •            managing projects


The Ground Vehicle Systems Ltd provides design and manufacturing solutions from components to systems, flexibly adapts the customers’ requirements, accurate and precise in execution and is able to handle urgent needs.





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